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Jessie Staley & Collin Cunningham — Minted

Jessie Staley


Collin Cunningham

Jessie Staley and Collin Cunningham

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Our Story

Pikachu (Jessie) and a bunch of grapes (Collin) walk into a Halloween Party separately and leave...separately. Years later, they run into each other at another party, this time in civilian clothes. Within a month, they're dating. They move in together and adopt a bulldog. They travel the world. They dance a lot. They move to Boston. Collin plans an epic engagement in Quebec City, Jessie says yes. They decide Boston is simply too cold and move to Jacksonville. They adopt another dog, not a bulldog but Jessie still loves it. They become Florida people and play too much pickleball. They plan to get married and live happily ever after.